Why We Love It

5 Things to Know

5 Things To Know About Why We Love Waterbear

  1. Make it your own. Waterbear has a flexible interface and branding to fit any project’s needs.

  2. Organizing made easy. Customizable fields and tags for easier sorting and filtering of submissions.

  3. Keep unwanted eyes off. Waterbear includes additional quality checks and privacy features, so no private information gets out and no unauthorized people get in.

  4. Seamless workflow. Waterbear is an open or closed ecosystem designed to keep the information captured together from beginning to end, capture, collect, process, analyze and publish.

  5. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Easily collaborate with your team, other organizations, or crowdsource more broadly, to collect the data. Make it work for you, keep it closed and limit submission access or open it up and allow a broader audience to submit.