Find the Tech for You

What are you trying to do?

a) Efficiently respond to requests for help in your community, without compromising the security or privacy of individuals.

b) Collect, organize, analyze and report incidents or evidence of disinformation.

c) A digital security audit or organizational assessment.

If you chose (A):

Great! CDR Link might be the fit you need. CDR Link is a security and privacy focused helpdesk that makes asking and responding to help easier.

First, to learn more, check out the reasons why we love CDR Link. Then, check out this useful demo video that provides an overview of the platform and it’s functionality.

If you chose (B):

Awesome! Watebear might be the right ecosystem for you. Waterbear is a suite of technologies that act in accordance, so your process for collecting, organizing, analyzing and reporting becomes streamlined. Waterbear is full of customizable functionalities to fit your project’s needs.

Check out the reasons why we love Waterbear or watch the Waterbear Walkthrough Video to better understand the technologies capabilities.

If you chose (C):

Wonderful! The Digital Wellness Check Framework and Report Generator tool might be just what you’re looking for. We are currently finishing documentation for this technology. Stay tuned for more information!