Why We Love It

5 Things to Know

  1. A more secure helpdesk. We developed CDR Link so those providing digital security support to those in the field could better protect the information and communities they serve.
  2. Easier to ask for help. CDR Link easily integrates with many of the ways you may already be communicating, like Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and other messaging platforms.
  3. Protects data. Set default time limits, deletion of tickets, and secure use of communication, without exposing sensitive information, so data isn’t left hanging around.
  4. Available to anyone. CDR Link supports 35+ languages. It’s free and open source software and has recently had a security audit.
  5. Gives you control. CDR Link’s dashboard makes tracking tickets progress clear and simple, with quick access to generate and view reports.

Listen to the Security Director at Center for Digital Resilience explain what CDR Link is, how it’s different and the top 5 things you should know!

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