Telegram Channel

You can create a Telegram bot that relays messages between your CDR Link instance and Telegram users. To set up a Telegram channel, please follow the following steps, adapted from Zammad’s Telegram documentation:

Create your Telegram bot

Note: For more information on creating a Telegram bot, see How do I create a bot?

The Botfather bot creator

  1. In your telegram app, use any account to visit the Botfather account and begin a conversation. (e.g. say “hey”)
  2. Register a new bot by sending the message “/newbot” (without quotes), and choose the new bot’s display name and username.
  3. Once that is finished, you will receive the API token for your new Telegram bot.
  4. Congratulations, you have a new Telegram bot!

Configure your Telegram channel in CDR Link

  1. In your CDR Link instance, go to Admin > Channels > Telegram, and select Add Bot.
  2. Enter the API token that you received from Botfather when you created your bot, and set the incoming group. This could be “Users” (meaning all users have access to tickets created through your Telegram bot), or you could specify another group so that only a subset of users have access to those tickets.
  3. Your CDR Link instance is now set up to receive tickets through Telegram!

Using your Telegram channel

To try out your new bot and channel,

  1. In Telegram, search for your Telegram bot and send a message.
  2. In a few seconds, a new ticket will appear in your CDR Link instance.
  3. To respond, click Reply (just as you would for an email), type a response, and click “Update” in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  4. Check your Telegram client. The response message will appear there in the conversation.