Chat Channel

You can configure a Chat widget in your CDR Link instance to allow you to interact with partners, clients, and customers directly in real time. You can set up chat widgetss for different websites and edit them independently.

Designing the Widget

The editor feature will try to automatically detect your website’s color scheme and apply the appropriate color to your chat window. You can also manually edit the color in the designer.

Creating and configuring a chat channel in CDR Link

The preview feature allows you to see what the design would look like on different devices.

You can preview your page's chat channel using the design tool


Once you have designed the chat widget to your liking, you can copy and insert the chat widget’s code into any web page where you would like the widget to appear.

It should be placed just before the </body> closing tag, near the end of the page’s source code.

The chat widget requires jQuery. If you are not already using jQuery on your website, you can include it by using the following code:

<script src=””></script>

You may set your chat widget to open automatically (this is set by default), or to have the user manually open the chat.

If you would prefer that the chat widget not appear for users in certain countries or with certain IP addresses, you can block those countries and addresses using the chat configuration in the admin panel.

You can block traffic from specific IP addresses or from particular countries

Note: Zammad has built their chat functionality based on research and user/developer input. You can read about what they learned and the resulting features and design they chose at