Channels Setup


    Signal Channel You can create a Signal bot that relays messages between your CDR Link instance and Signal users. To set up a Signal channel, please contact CDR at [email protected] (PGP key).


    WhatsApp Channel You can create a WhatsApp bot that relays messages between your CDR Link instance and WhatsApp users. To set up a WhatsApp channel, please contact CDR at [email protected] (PGP key).


    Web Channel Including a Web channel in your CDR Link instance allows authorized users to create tickets from inside the CDR Link web interface. If the Web channel is enabled, authorized users will see a green + icon in the bottom left corner of the web interface when they are logged in. Clicking on it will open a screen with a blank ticket template, and the user can begin entering information.


    Forms Channel A form channel is a way to use a web form or survey to send information to your CDR Link instance. You could publish a form on your website, and any time a visitor submits information through the form, a new ticket will be created in your CDR Link instance. For more information about building and using Forms, please see Zammad’s detailed documentation at


    Email Channel An email channel allows people to submit tickets to CDR Link using an email account. The email address is connected to CDR Link and should be a designated address. You can configure multiple email addresses to send to your CDR Link instance, and can establish rules so that tickets created from certain email addresses are only seen by specific groups of users. Zammad provides extensive documentation about their email channel, one of the most popular features of the Zammad and CDR Link platforms.


    Chat Channel You can configure a Chat widget in your CDR Link instance to allow you to interact with partners, clients, and customers directly in real time. You can set up chat widgetss for different websites and edit them independently. Designing the Widget The editor feature will try to automatically detect your website’s color scheme and apply the appropriate color to your chat window. You can also manually edit the color in the designer.


    Twitter Channel You can set up a Twitter channel so that people can tweet their requests to you and new tickets can be created in CDR Link based on #tags and @mentions. Setting up a Twitter channel is an 8-step process, and Zammad documents it thoroughly at


    Facebook Channel Note: The documentation for the Facebook channel is out of date and is currently being reviewed. To read Zammad’s old documentation for setting up a Facebook channel, please visit


    Telegram Channel You can create a Telegram bot that relays messages between your CDR Link instance and Telegram users. To set up a Telegram channel, please follow the following steps, adapted from Zammad’s Telegram documentation: Create your Telegram bot Note: For more information on creating a Telegram bot, see How do I create a bot? In your telegram app, use any account to visit the Botfather account and begin a conversation.